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Tunes about ticks

Mention the word “tick” to anyone, and you’re sure to get some kind of reaction: from looks of disgust to full-body shivers and even panicked screams of “IS THERE ONE ON ME?”

They are nasty little suckers for sure, but they also present a very serious danger — Lyme Disease. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists needed a hand spreading awareness of Lyme disease and its creepy-crawly carriers. It’s clear that Lyme Disease is something that should be on everyone’s radar during (especially during tick season), but why talk about it when you can…sing about it?

The magical duo of Tony and Patrick (watch out Nashville) worked together to write what is now affectionately known as the “Lyme Disease Jingle,” with local musicians bringing the song to life with the backwoods twang of a banjo and a campy melody. Why listen to Lover when you can spend the same amount of time bopping along to our folksy track and learn all about prevention, symptoms, and treatment of Lyme Disease? (Just kidding, Taylor Swift forever 💘)

Have a listen below (make sure your sound is turned on).

Stay tuned for an update on our imminent invitation to the JUNO awards.