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Investigating TikTok – Alphabet® rises to the challenge – Part 1

We’d love to open this piece up with some TikTok references, but they’ll be outdated before it even goes live. So, we made an account so we can just show you instead.

After our first taste of TikTok, we were hooked. We borrowed more of the team’s time to painstakingly film #CharacterCreation and #RunForIt TikTok challenges with our own Alphabet® spin.

Not sure what you just watched? For those of you still in the dark, TikTok is basically the second coming of Vine — but with more screentime. Users create and edit their own short videos, often accompanied by music, right in the app. It’s a place to have fun and most of the videos feature anecdotes, lip-syncing to music or audio clips, reacting to other TikToks using a unique split-screen feature called “duets”, dancing and Hashtag Challenges. A huge share of the content being produced on TikTok surrounds these Hashtag Challenges. A user or brand will create a dance or task and challenge others to film a version of their own just like we did. Popular challenges have included the DNA Test Challenge where you reveal your DNA results in a video or the Stair Shuffle Challenge which features a specific dance while you climb stairs. As one of the fastest-growing apps on the market today, marketers and brands are taking notice and looking to capitalize on it. But before you spend all your budget on the latest shiny thing — ask yourself, is TikTok really worth your time as a Canadian business?

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we’ll dive into the opportunities for Canadian marketers and brands.